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Delivery Policy

Dial A Bottle Ottawa is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commision of Ontario (AGCO). We are committed to delivering alcohol in a responsible and convenient manner.


Beverage alcohol may be delivered only to persons who are at least 19 years of age. In submitting an order, you represent yourself as being of legal drinking age in Ontario.

In an effort to serve our customer's responsibly, our licensed drivers will not release deliveries to persons under the age of 19, or to those suspected of purchasing beverage alcohol for minors. Identification may be required in order to receive beverage alcohol deliveries.

Dial A Bottle Ottawa's drivers require age identification upon delivery. Acceptable forms of age identification are:

  • Ontario driver's lisense with a photo
  • Canadian passport with a photo
  • Canadian citizenship card with a photo
  • Canadian armed forces card with a photo
  • Photo card issued by LLBO (no longer being issued but those in circulation are still valid)
  • Liquor Control Board of Ontario BYID photo card


Our drivers fulfill orders for beverage alcohol directly from The Beer Store, or LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). Deliveries including beverage alcohol can only be made during LCBO hours of operation on the day of your delivery and/or during The Beer Store hours of operation on the day of your delivery.

For more information on Dial A Bottle Ottawa's hours of operation, please see Dial A Bottle Ottawa Hours.


Prices of beverage alcohol shown on Dial A Bottle Ottawa, are an average across all LCBO and/or The Beer Store retail outlets, and are all listed in Canadian Dollars. Please see our Delivery Rates for more information.


For any and all pricing discrepancies, our driver will ALWAYS have the correct pricing. Our website is sometimes forced to average the price of products as it varies from store to store across the province. The driver will always obtain the product from the closest store, and that price will be the price you will be charged. If you are concerned about the price, please ask the driver to see the store receipt, or write our Customer Support.


All our licensed drivers will take Beer related empties from your residence for a $1.00 refund per dozen bottles, provided there is not more then 6 dozen bottles, or three two-fours, in total.


Beverage alcohol purchased through Dial A Bottle Ottawa is not eligible for AIR MILES Reward Miles.


You may cancel an order within 10 minutes after ordering with no penalty, after that time the delivery fee will not be waived.

There are no cash refunds.

If the order was prepaid online we will refund the money back onto the original card and reserve the right to hold back 5% as a cancellation fee.

If the driver delivered the wrong product we will exchange it for the correct product with no extra delivery fees as long as it has not been damaged or opened.

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